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An elegant but simple chat: IRC

May 1, 20242 min read

IRC server & web client

These days it can be quite a challenge to get in touch with other people without having to download a privacy invading app or program, give them your personal details and hope the other person is also on that platform.

So I went back to one of the older forms of communication on the internet, IRC! Not only a IRC server but also a minimal web client that does not require a download or personal info.

IRC Web Client

A versatile web based messenger using IRC

  • 100% static files. Host with your favourite web server or a CDN
  • For single networks, bouncer hosts, or a personal generic IRC client that remembers your networks
  • Works out of the box with a default IRC network – or use your own
  • Single or multiple IRC network connections
  • Multiple layouts for small areas or full page layouts
  • Light and dark modes
  • Desktop notifications
  • Extremely versatile via a single JSON config file at runtime
  • Themable and rich plugin support such as file uploading and video calling
  • Team mode for workplaces

Connection modes:

  • Directly to a websocket IRC server
  • Connect via the webircgateway websocket proxy for normal IRC servers
  • Stay connected with Kiw
  • iBNC

IRC Server

Ergo (formerly known as Oragono) is a modern IRC server written in Go. Its core design principles are:

  • Being simple to set up and use
  • Combining the features of an ircd, a services framework, and a bouncer (integrated account management, history storage, and bouncer functionality)
  • Bleeding-edge IRCv3 support, suitable for use as an IRCv3 reference implementation
  • High customizability via a rehashable (i.e., reloadable at runtime) YAML config

Ergo is a fork of the Ergonomadic IRC daemon <3



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